Posted on: March 27, 2008 9:28 pm
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The Gospel According to Yankeechick

As a manager of people, I have developed a definition of work ethic. Honestly, I use me as a baseline because I've always believed in putting my maximum effort forward to earn my money. That's the way of my generation. The generation younger than me has no clue, not all, but most. You know who you are.

  1. Don't call out unless you have a death in the family, a legit emergency, or you're so sick you can't move. Don't use the death in the family and legit emergency excuses once a month.
  2. Accept the fact that you work for someone else and have to do what they say. If you don't want to follow someone else's rules, go work for yourself.
  3. Work. You're not getting paid to be lazy and screw around.
  4. Arrive at work on time. Be ready to work at that minute.
  5. Respect your co-workers and management. If you have nothing to do, offer them your help.
  6. If you hate your job, you're not forced to be there. Don't bitch and moan. Nobody wants to hear your negativity all the time. It brings everyone else down.
  7. Do your job to the best of your ability, and strive to be better. Status quo won't get you anywhere and going through the motions sucks.
  8. Revenge is not sweet. If your boss pisses you off, have the guts to approach them like an adult. Don't bitch about them behind their back, and threaten to do things like keying their car.
  9. Don't mouth off to your boss and co-workers. You can't expect them to speak to you with respect if you don't do likewise.
10. Gossip is bullshit in the workplace. Wtf is wrong with everyone making an effort to get along?! You're not going to like everyone, let alone be friends, but at least be professional for God's sake.
11. Admit you made a mistake. Don't point the finger at other people. Don't make excuses.
12. Go in at the last minute to help out if you're able.
13. Don't blow smoke up your bosses' ass. They can spot a phony a mile away, believe me. Just makes you come off as a liar, and it'll be difficult for them to trust you.

In order to accomplish the above you need maturity.

  1. Don't be a coward. Have the guts to approach your problems and the people who may be involved with them.
  2. Choose your battles. Don't be petty. Yes, you should stand up for yourself and what you believe in, but know when enough's enough.
  3. Have some respect for someone other than yourself.
  4. Be willing to admit you were wrong. Don't deflect blame onto others. Don't make excuses.
  5. Learn from your mistakes. Don't repeat them.
  6. Align yourself with other mature people. Don't succumb to peer pressure.
  7. Know when you're too angry to have a productive conversation with someone. Nothing ever gets solved based on emotion. You can't get your point across. Know when you need to cool off first.
  8. Be logical and rational. Don't expect what just isn't possible.
  9. Accept people as they are. They're not going to behave like you, deal with it. See them for their good qualities.Accept that good qualities don't only apply to you. Change your outlook, not them.
10. Accept yourself as you are, faults and all. Be proud of all of you.
11. Go with the flow. Be flexible.
12. Move on. Don't hold a grudge forever. Forgive.
13. Be generous. Be good to others. Have empathy.
14. See the good in people and situations.
15. Be able to laugh at yourself.
16. Allow yourself to be yourself. Don't pretend to be something you're not to please others.
17. Be true to yourself and your beliefs. Nobody can ever take that away from you.
18. Follow your heart and you'll have no regrets.
19. Be able to see the big picture.

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